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These Additional Modules will Make Your Retail Guru POS Even More Powerful. The Retail Guru Programming Team has developed each one of these add-on modules. No third party software relationships here. With the Retail Guru you have one point of contact for implementation and support.


On-Line Ordering


Per Month. Additional Payment Processing Fees Apply

Sell your products and services online. Completed online orders go directly to your Retail Guru POS system for fulfillment. Designate Items from your POS system to sell online. Establish pick up and delivery options. All online sales and inventory reports integrated to your Retail Guru POS System. Uses you existing assigned merchant account. Next day deposits.



Gift Card Program


Per Month. No Additional Swipe or Transaction Fees

Sell, Redeem and Track Gift Cards with your Retail Guru POS System. Unlike other Gift Card Programs where the funds are held in a trust account by the processor, the Retail Guru Gift Card Program allows you to take full financial control of all amounts loaded and redeemed. Detailed Gift Card tracking and management reports available from the back office ensures you control and manage each and every Gift Card. Customers can check their Gift Card balances at the POS, online or on their mobile device through the customized check balance application.



Delivery/Pick Up Caller ID Program


Per Month. Includes POS-2 Ethernet Caller ID Hardware Module for 2 Phone Lines

The Retail Guru Delivery/Pick Up Caller ID Program is a hardware and software bundle that connects to your Retail Guru POS. Connect your phone lines to your POS system and as your customers call in to place their orders, their profile and purchase history information is immediately retrieved for processing. Address your customers directly, re-order from one of their last 10 purchases made, designate pickup or delivery options for the orders and manage the delivery manifest/drivers.


Labor Management and Payroll Program


Per Month. Third Party Payroll Fees Apply

With the Retail Guru Labor Management Program you can create detailed employee schedules with labor cost management and tracking. Set your total weekly labor budget as a percentage of sales and as you book your employee time schedule the budget amount reduces ensuring you do not book more than the set budget. Employees clock in and out on the Retail Guru POS System which then updates the ‘Actual’ Component of your budget in real-time. Email schedules to your employees. Update historical time and attendance information and electronically send your time and attendance report to one of our Payroll partners for seamless payroll processing.


Retail Guru Loyalty and Rewards


Per Month

Build your customer profile databases and link your customized reward card to each profile. Establish reward programs as a percentage of sales or frequency. Assign bonus reward values to specific inventory items or categories. Use the simple built in communication tools to send offers, promotions, birthday greetings etc. to emails and mobile phones. Analyze visit frequency and purchase history of your customer database to increase their frequency of in-store visits and purchase size. Your Retail Guru Loyalty and Rewards Program comes complete with a on-line interface where your customers can log-in, check their reward balances, update their profiles, review their redemption history, access offers and promotions and more.



Retail Guru Kitchen/Station Printing


Per Month. Includes Networked Kitchen Printer and Hub

Connect up to 3 kitchen/Station printers to each Retail Guru POS system. Designate Menu items and modifiers to print to any combination of kitchen printers installed.


Retail Guru Kitchen Display Monitor


Per Month. Includes 17” HP Touch Screen Kitchen Display Monitor and Hub

Connect up to 3 kitchen display monitors to each Retail Guru POS system. Designate Menu items and modifiers to display at any combination of the kitchen display monitors installed. Each Display shows 8 orders simultaneously. Touch Screen or keypad bump bar options. Set primary and secondary timer alerts for display orders. Expand any of the 8 order panels to view order details in large font. Detailed order completion performance reports based on timer parameters set.

Retail Guru QuickBooks Interface


Per Month

Let the Retail Guru automatically generate the required Quick Book interface files for your daily sales activity. Save hundreds of dollars a year in accounting and other fees associated with the financial management of your retail operation. Simply export the daily sales journal files from your Retail Guru and send them to your accountant, bookkeeper for processing or just import the files to your own Quick Books Application.